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Отрывок из эссе в первом application package (не Чикаго)

Friday, December 7th, 2007

недавно один поступающий попросил высказать моё мнение о его эссе…
я поискал и нашел свои наработки - вот отрывок из одного моих эссе (не в Чикаго; тема - что то про лидеров которые меня впечатлили). это из моего первого application package :)
She could blind a man with her beauty – but she was not a model. She could light a fire in one’s heart – but she was not a preacher. She motivated people to fight till the end – but she was not a military leader… She was, however, an outstanding manager, and the founder and director of [название компании]. She was also my first boss in the consulting field.

Just like travelers pick only the brightest stars from the thousands in the sky to find their path, we choose just a few prominent people who show us the way through our lives. I am proud to say that [имя] became my guiding star. I often come back to her example when I face difficult problems and need inspiration.